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Subject:Can I just say......
Time:09:22 am
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Subject:[Fic] Different By Moonlight
Time:10:22 pm

Title: Different By Moonlight
Author: Ilenn
Rating: PG-13 I guess
Characters/Pairing: Alanna Mosvani/Tam al'Thor
Summary: After the death of one of her Warders, Alanna has a sleepless night. And a certain Two Rivers ex-soldier just happens to be there. Set before Perrin & co. get to Emond's Field in The Shadow Rising.
Disclaimer: This is fanfiction. Obviously I claim no ownership of either characters, settings or concepts related to the Wheel of Time.

Emond's Field was not the only thing that looked different by moonlight...Collapse )

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Subject:New Member with Fic!
Time:12:40 pm
Title: Lighter Than a Feather
Author: shadowsong26
Rating: R
Fandom: The Wheel of Time
Characters/Pairings: Mazrim Taim, Logain Ablar, OMC
Warnings: Alternate character interpetation, madness, murder. Spoilers through Winter's Heart
Summary: The night after Rand and Nynaeve Read more...Collapse ), Mazrim Taim goes to deal with an Asha'man who recently snapped.
Disclaimer: All characters are the property of their respective creators.

Mazrim Taim walked in a slow arc around the Black Tower's grounds
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Current Location:work
Subject:The Gathering Storm discussion
Time:12:15 pm
Current Mood:bouncy
 I've just finished The Gathering Storm (finally) and I was hoping to find a discussion post about it on here.  But, after skimming through the posts, I've found nothing.  So, I was hoping we could get one going!   I've posted a lot of my thoughts in my journal, but since it's friends locked I thought I would re-post them here.

As always, feel free to delete this post if it's a repeat and/or not allowed.

Spoilers for Knife of Dreams through The Gathering Storm. Read at your own risk.Collapse )
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Subject:Verin fic for Yuletide!
Time:12:46 pm
Hi Guys! Just wanted to pop over here and pimp the fabulous gift I was given for yuletide: Verin fic!

It's a fabulous look at moments in Verin's life and work, and you should all go and read it. If you enjoy, leave a comment or some kudos for the author :)

Contains TGS spoilers.

Life's Work
Wheel of Time - Robert Jordan | Verin Mathwin, Gen | Verin worked for a long time to gather all she knew, and kept her secrets until the hour of her death.
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Current Music:Blind Guardian - Wheel of Time
Subject:Blind Guardian: Wheel of Time
Time:01:00 pm
Current Mood:calm
A friend of mine alerted me to the existence of a Blind Guardian song about the Wheel of Time, titled "Wheel of Time" from their latest album, At The Edge of Time. It's presumably from the point of view of Rand, and it's basically your average Blind Guardian song- that is to say, it's fantasy metal- but it's pretty fun spotting references nonetheless.

LyricsCollapse )
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Subject:Towers of Midnight
Time:09:20 am
Current Mood:bouncy
Okay people...why have we not posted yet??? This community cannot be completely dead!!!

Well, since no one else has, I'm starting a thread to discuss Towers of Midnight.


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Current Location:San Francisco
Subject:Book 12 Release Date
Time:04:23 pm
Current Mood:happy
So, I don't know how this slipped past me (or the rest of you, for that matter), but the release date for Book 12, Towers of Midnight, has been announced.  A while ago, apparently.  It's due out on November 2nd in the US, and November 5th in the UK, according to the Wheel of Time wiki.  Or maybe this was known for a while and I never heard about it?? (If that's the case, feel free to delete this post).  

I am FREAKING OUT about this, because I still have yet to read The Gathering Storm.  And now the next book is almost out already!!!!  Ahh!!!!  


Source: wot.wikia.com/wiki/Towers_of_Midnight_%28book%29

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Current Location:Roseville
Subject:Comics Time!
Time:10:12 pm
Current Mood:chipper
So, my lovely Wheel of Time community, you have been too quiet recently and I refuse to let you die. 

Especially considering the rather recent development of Wheel of Time comics coming into print.  Have any of you seen them?  I own 3 now, thanks to my bff (the first two of The Eye of the World and the final volume of A New Spring) and I absolutely love them.  My only problem with them is that they're coming out way to slowly, in my opinion.  I love the combination of narration and dialogue, and I love the artist(s?) interpretation of the description.  I can't help but think that Robert Jordan would be at least a little bit proud.  

But those are just my thoughts.  Any one else picked up a copy?  Likes? Dislikes?

Also, I'm re-reading the series and am currently midway through Book 4 (I'm doing this to get ready to read The Gathering Storm because I don't think I would understand half of what was going on with that book if I didn't re-read).  I'm dying to discuss or fangirl over it with someone.  
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Subject:So, uhhhh.... anyone got some cuendillar and some sa'angreals layin' around?
Time:11:10 am
`Cause this thing looks like it's about to make people vomit bugs or get attacked by their reflections or something.....

Let's hope the lady Aes Sedai don't fumble the ball this time...Collapse )
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